Canal houses

Holland has many canals and the houses built along these canals were very different from other houses. It was built to protect the people from the floods arising in the canal. The door step was placed at a higher level and there were many ways and means for people to be at a safe height if the canal flooded. Since these houses looked very different, the creative artisans reproduced replicas of these canal houses and sold them as mementos of Holland. These canal houses are as popular as its clogs, windmills and tulips.

At Cloggieshop, these souvenirs are available for reasonable price. Most of them are crafted in ceramics and all the fine details seen in the actual house is replicated in these models. There are individual houses and a set of four houses. Some international hotel chains are housed in these hotels and the replicas of these are also available. The full setting of canal houses beside a canal is a fast selling piece in Cloggieshop. It is so easy to purchase this from their website. Sitting in the comfort of your home you can get the whiff of Holland in a few days’ time.