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Wooden shoes last forever.

Wooden Shoes for Gardening and Walking on Grass

Nothing is better than walking amidst nature. Even as the outdoors rejuvenates your spirit, your footwear does get soggy. You can of course wear rubber boots, but they are not comfortable if you have to wear them for few hours.

A unique solution is to wear Dutch wooden shoes. The Dutch have been using them for decades. If you love the tulips, cheese and windmills, you will love Dutch wooden shoes too. Dutch clogs are the best for gardeners, farmers, horsemen, workmen and basically anyone who needs protection for the feet. Warm in winter and cool in summer time. 

The carving and painting of these shoes is still a popular art form in Holland. There is another popular "hobby", the "klompendanskunst" (a dance with wooden shoes), that the people of Holland flaunt. There is a special costume that is worn with these shoes.

Sadly today, many of the traditional costumes have found a place in the museums. The wooden shoes included. The footwear is slowly disappearing like the folklore of Holland. The clogs have witnessed the Dark Ages and have been worn by many all over Europe. They continue to remain popular choices in Holland since most parts of the country are swampy, with willow woods and poplar trails. These shoes are designed to walk the challenging terrain.

The wooden shoes have retained their appeal despite the advent of rubber boots. They are easy to use and very comfortable.

Of the 3 million wooden shoes are produced annually, for large souvenir shops and dedicated overseas orders. There are places where the art is taught to tourists too. The native artisans who have learned the art through traditional methods exhibit the craft and willingly teach interested tourists. There were times when the user would make his own shoes! Times have changed today and Cloggiesshopnow keeps this tradition alive.

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