Delivery Info

Delivery Info

All the orders are mailed in reliable boxes which will ensure that your purchase will arrive safely and without any damage at your place. We need to know your street address for deliver, post office boxes we cannot deliver. Our shipping charges are 47.50 per pair, With priority mail this is the charge for worldwide delivery. Your purchase will be send to you as soon as we receive your details. Products can be shipped to customers worldwide. Normally delivery time.

Exchange Policy : -
As it is an International shipment We strongly suggest that please select the correct Size Very Carefully before you place the order & STRICTLY Follow the feet measurement procedure as mentioned in our website, in case you have any difficulty in selecting the size please mail at sales@cloggieshop.com to get assistance.

For Exchange / Replacement / Refund :- please send the pair of shoe to

Janneke Boekhorst
Postbus 397
3830 AK Leusden
The Netherlands

Please Note :-

  1. the pair of shoes should be Un-used

  2. After receiving the pair we will refund only the cost of the Shoe deducting the cost of Our Shipping which is US$ 47.50 in Express mode.

If you already receive the Tracking number please check



Price USD $ 47.50
Express Delivery
to USA take 12 to 16 days to delivered via Priority Mail from Netherlands.

Shipping From Netherlands

All the transactions which are processed through this site are being made by a secure server software which will ensure that all your transactions will be safe. Every transaction is protected and also your private information is protected via cryptically codes

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These wooden shoes date back to the Middle Ages. They are a symbol of Holland, alongside skates, windmills & tulips!