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NEWS : 24 Feb 2004

A dinosaur egg weighing more than five kilograms (11 pounds) and measuring 30 centimetres in diameter has been found in western India, government officials said.

The egg was discovered by telecom workers digging in the town of Balasinor, in the south of Gujarat state. Two feet from the ground, we struck an oblong stone. On breaking the stone, a football-sized egg was found. It is white with some orange spots on it,said M.P. Patel, sub-divisional officer of the telecom department. Tara Mukundan, a collector from Kheda district, said officials from the Archaelogical Survey of India will collect the egg. They will now come and take a look at the egg. By the description given to me, I am sure it is a dinosaur egg, He told AFP.

Mukundan said that the egg probably dated back to
the Jurassic age as other eggs had been found in the vicinity from the period

65-million-year dinosaur egg found in Gujarat
{ Indo-Asian News Service }

A dinosaur's egg, possibly dating back to 65 million years ago, has been found in Gujarat.
Workers of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) stumbled upon the five-kg egg at Balasinore, 65 km from Ahemdabad, while digging for a telecommunications tower."The workers chanced upon this remarkable find," Kheda District Collector D. Thara told reporters on Tuesday.
According to experts, the egg is that of the Rajasaurus Narmadensis, the regal reptile that once walked the Narmada valley and brought fame to the town last year when it was reconstructed by two paleontologists.
BSNL workers were digging the earth of Balasinore college campus for putting up the tower when the egg was unearthed.
"It looked like a stone. When we spoke to the villagers they said it was the egg of a dinosaur," said a BSNL worker.
Experts from the state archaeology department and the Archaeological Survey of India are likely to visit Balasinore to inspect the exciting find.

The Rajasaurus Narmadensis was "born" when paleontology professor from the university of Chicago Paul Sereno and paleontologist Jeff Wilson reconstructed a dinosaur skull from remains found at Raioli, 20 km from Balasinore.

According to the National Geographic, the dinosaurs that ruled over the area were between 25 and 30 feet long, were relatively heavy an
d walked on two legs

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