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Gift & Souvenir

You will encounter when you wear them in public a very special feeling that people admire these special shoes. Last but not least, a Dutch wooden shoe is of course when giving to friends or business relation ,a gift which will be forever in her or his mind as a special gift.

This exponent of Dutch footwear is one of the best examples of Dutch originality and the quality has been tested and improved over the past decades. These wooden shoes are well shaped and sculptured and you can use them for all kind of occasions

Wooden shoes goes back to middle age and became a symbol of Holland
such as skates, windmills & tulips

Specialty of wooden shoes

  • The orthopedic form wooden shoes support your feet.

  • Especially for children this is important for obtaining a good posture.

  • Hygienic. The wood absorbs perspiration and your feet are always surrounded by fresh air inside the wooden shoes

  • Thanks to the natural ventilation of wood, wooden shoes are cool in summer and warm in winter

  • Wooden shoes are safe your feet are protected on all sides by the wood
    Dutch wooden shoes are recognized all over the world and make an excellent gift.

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