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Wooden shoes Dutch Traditional wooden shoes the original clogs from Holland

Wooden Shoes Shop
5641 DM Eindhoven
The Netherlands.


Comfort & Safety

Wooden shoes last forever, are very comfortable wearing

A very safe protection for your feet

Wooden Shoes for your Gardening and Walking on Grass

Nothing is so nice as walking in the free nature. The great atmosphere outdoors makes you feel happy. But the problem is that your shoes become soon wet inside. You can of course wear rubber boots but these are not comfortable if you have to wear them for few hours.

A unique solution: wear Dutch wooden shoes. Many Dutch wear them and they are using them for decades. If you like our tulips, our cheese and windmills , you will love our wooden shoes. Dutch clogs are the best safety shoes for gardeners, farmers, horsemen, workmen and everybody else who needs safety shoes to protect their feet. Warm in winter and cool in summer time. 

The finishing touch of the making of a wooden shoe is, of course, the decoration. Sometimes the decoration is only a painting sometimes also carved work. As art, the carved work in wooden shoes and to paint on them has not disappeared yet. People who do this kind of work don't do it for a living, but because they like to do it, it's their hobby. The work of the loving amateur leads to an other "hobby", the "klompendanskunst" (a dance on wooden shoes), and to the wearing of costumes. It's true that people in some places in Holland still wear their costume and their belonging to wooden shoes daily is like a natural, spontaneous thing.
But a lot of costumes are already in a museum, no one still wears them. And the wooden shoe with decoration is going to be only in a museum to look at, too. The valuable wooden shoes decoration process is going to belong to a disappearing folklore.

The wooden shoe, in it's shape like our days, was since the late Dark Ages worn at a lot of places in Europe. Here and there people still wear wooden shoes, the most in Holland. Especially because of the swampy ground of Holland, and also because there was a lot of good wood (willows and poplars) in Holland. The wooden shoe kept on being popular for a long time everywhere in Holland. Even when the watertight boots of rubber were designed, people kept the wooden shoe, because it was so easy to use. Of the 3 million wooden shoes which are made yearly, a big part of them are destined for tourist seats. In lots of large souvenir shops the wooden shoe is a striking element. And at some places there is a teaching workshop were wooden shoes are made by a real, old-fashioned artisan, like there were thousands of earlier. Because decennia, even some ages, ago the wooden shoe user made his wooden shoe himself.

Wooden shoes goes back to middle age and became a symbol of Holland
such as skates, windmills & tulips

Get Your Pair of Clogs Now !

Specialty of wooden shoes

  • The orthopedic form wooden shoes support your feet.
  • Especially for children this is important for obtaining a good posture.
  • Hygienic. The wood absorbs perspiration and your feet are always surrounded by fresh air inside the wooden shoes
  • Thanks to the natural ventilation of wood, wooden shoes are cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Wooden shoes are safe your feet are protected on all sides by the wood
    Dutch wooden shoes are recognized all over the world and make an excellent gift.

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