Making of wooden shoes ? 

Wooden shoes goes back to middle age and became a symbol of Holland such as skates, windmills & tulips.

The wooden shoe, in it's shape like our days, was since the late Dark Ages worn at a lot of places in Europe. Here and there people still wear wooden shoes, the most in Holland. Especially because of the swampy ground of Holland, and also because there was a lot of good wood (willows and poplars) in Holland. The wooden shoe kept on being popular for a long time everywhere in Holland. Even when the watertight boots of rubber were designed, people kept the wooden shoe, because it was so easy to use. Of the 3 million wooden shoes which are made yearly, a big part of them are destined for tourist seats. In lots of large souvenir shops the wooden shoe is a striking element. And at some places there is a teaching workshop were wooden shoes are made by a real, old-fashioned artisan, like there were thousands of earlier. Because decennia, even some ages, ago the wooden shoe user made his wooden shoe himself.

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