Shoe Keychains

At Cloggieshop.com, you will be surprised at the variety of souvenir that they sell keeping the trade of Holland in mind. Holland is famous for its scenic beauty and the along with it, the clogs, the costumes, the windmills and the tulips make Holland something special. The shoes are still used by farmers and industrial workers as it keeps their feet safe and warm in winter and cool in summer. Since this age old shoe is still thriving amidst stiff competition from rubber boots, it is taken as an icon to represent Holland.

So it is only appropriate that at Cloggieshop.com you see a variety of souvenir in the shape of shoe. One among them is the keychain. It is really cute to see miniature shoes as keychain. A toy baby is placed inside the shoe in some of the key chains. When this is done one feels like it is keychain of a baby with a wraparound blanket. There are plain shoes that are replicated as key chain yet it comes with the same bright colours and geometric designs. Even the souvenirs are crafted with great care. These key chains are carried back home by tourists as a souvenir from the land of Holland.


Small wooden shoe keychain


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Small wooden shoe keychain with yellow baby


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Yellow Farmer Single Wooden shoe keychain