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Friesland Bottler Opener


Price: $12.50

Holland with its swampy soil and woods of poplar has become a favourite tourist spot. There are many aspects of Holland that is ancient. Some of it is preserved in the museum and some of them are still being used by the people. The clogs are one of them. Though not many use it these days there are some who still use the clogs, especially farmers and industrial workers. These shoes have become so popular that the souvenirs of Holland also carry the mark of this country. One such souvenir is the Friesland Bottle Opener.

This opener is designed like a wooden shoe and the artisans have used the colours that are used on the shoes. However most of the souvenirs are made from ceramic and wood. This bottle opener is blue in colour and has white bands on it. On this white band there is another print in red making it very attractive. The metal opener is very firmly placed in the miniature wooden shoe and since it is made with the best of wood and metal, it lasts for a long time. It is very moderately priced and if you place order for this on www.cloggieshop.com , it will be delivered in a few days’ time.