Wooden Shoes

The wooden shoes of Holland also known as clogs might be the last of wooden shoes on sale in the world. In India also centuries before people wore wooden slippers but today it is totally not available in the market. But this is not the case in Holland. There were varieties of wooden shoes in Holland centuries before and some out of that are still popular as the design has changed a little to suit the modern needs and tastes. The shoes with carvings are not so popular and therefore not seen in the shops. The painted shoes are aplenty and they are still popular with the locals and the visitor alike.

At Cloogieshop.com you can see different kinds of wooden shoes. Some are brightly coloured with line drawings on them. Some others have the famous windmills as a print on the shoes. There are plain shoes as well. Both rounded shoes and the pointed shoes sell well. The measurement for the shoe must be given as specified in the website. Only then you will get the correct size. The clogs of Holland protects your feet well, it keeps your feet warm in winter and cool in summer; and all for a nominal price.

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Blue Windmill Wooden Shoes


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