Dutch windmills

Cloggieshop has on sale Holland’s famous wooden shoe. Also popular are its windmills and this replicated in miniature forms. They are made of ceramics and there are few products with windmills as the theme.

The memo holder comes in a neat packing of five. The windmills are recreated to perfection and are made of ceramic. This has a magnet at the back and serves as an excellent memo holder on any metal surface.

The Delft Blue windmill is a small model of a windmill made of ceramic and is used as a show piece. It is only 7.87 inches tall and 2cm at the base. It plays some authentic music when switched on. It is a handy yet beautiful piece which depicts the spirit of Holland.

The windmill of polystone is most moderately prices and its windmills are the largest of all the windmill models. It comes in a neat box and serves as an excellent gift piece.Three windmills in a row have windmills of varying heights. It is placed in ascending or descending order, as one view it. The green baseindicates the rich greenery seen in Holland and each of the windmills are made to perfection. This is also made out of ceramic. The windmills of Cloggieshop are priced moderately and can be an excellent gift for your loved ones.

5 Windmills magnets


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Delft Blue windmill with music


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Delft Blue windmill with music Material : Keramic Height : 7.87 inch / 20 cm

Nice windmill of Polystone



Three windmill in a row


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