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Traditional Farmer Yellow Wooden Shoes


Price: $60.00

The wooden shoes of Holland are bearers of age old tradition. The wooden shoes here have been crafted by artisans who have learnt this art from their forefathers. Modern technology has brought different kinds of shoes into the market yet the wooden shoes, also known as clogs, and has kept its fort. There are many designs that have faded out and are seen only in the museum but the farmer yellow wooden shoe is still very popular in Holland. This is very meticulously manufactured at Cloggieshop and is one of the most popular shoes on sale in this shop.

This shoe which gives complete protection to the feet is painted bright yellow and can attract any passer-by. Along with the paint some native prints of Holland is also seen on the shoe. These are mostly line drawing to form some geometric shapes. The black and red lines stand on the yellow background. These shoes can be a pride possession of anyone. Farmers and industrial workers find these shoes useful as it keeps their feet warm in winter and cool in summer.  This shoe is called farmer shoe as it is most suited for the farmers of the swampy land of Holland.